Merkadosâ„¢ Interactive Partners LLC.
Merkadosâ„¢ Interactive Partners LLC.
1135 Kildaire Farm Rd. Suite 200.
Cary NC 27511
Phone: 1-888-525-8117

We are a Raleigh, North Carolina- based interactive company that offers three basic services:

1.Web Design and Digital Media Design. What makes us different is that we just don't design something that looks good and forget about it. Our web designs are completely search engine friendly and full of marketing intelligence that will make money for you, period.

2.Online Marketing. Often known as "Internet Marketing", it is based in the fact that in average more than 85% of all website's traffic comes from search engines. Building a site without promotion is a very common mistake that we can easily correct and we can do so even with small budgets.

3.Webmaster Services. If you have problems with your site, simply call us and we will help you fix them, easy and fast. Experience the freedom of knowing that you have professional webmasters ready to help you in case you need us.
So, if you are thinking: What can this guys do for my business and what kind of a-la-carte web services do they offer? Here is a sample of what we can do for you:

•Digital Media Design
•SEO-Friendly Website Design & Redesign
•Web Development and CMS Integration.
•Internet Marketing Consulting and Website Promotion
•Search Engine Marketing (SEO and SEM)
•Webmaster Services
•and other web services...

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