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Originally started in 1997, Parker Web has worked in the Internet since its inception. In late 2008, Parker Web shifted it's focus to servicing existing websites by working closely with interactive agencies, website managers and business website owners to achieve their maintenance and marketing objectives. This focus has allowed Parker Web to create and improve upon systems to be more available and more responsive to the frequent tasks required in the regular use of the web as a marketing or operational tool.

You have a website. Now what?
Developing a great website is just the first step in putting the web to work for you. To remain competitive online, you must update your website regularly. Stale information, broken links, and outdated images will give people who land on your site a bad impression of your business, but fresh, original content, relevant links, and vibrant images or video will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Benefits of our service include:

1-2 Business Day Turnaround. We resolve most issues within 1-2 business days and will notify you if your request will take longer.

One Stop Website Service. Hosting and email services are included in our maintenance program. Don't worry, we work with the world-class team and best facilities at Rackspace.

One-on-one Personal Contact. Drop by our office, call, or email to speak with a familiar voice.

Electronic Ticket System. You won't get lost in the cracks! Track your own ticket requests from the moment you submit them.

24/7 Support Line. direct to our designated team at Rackspace should there ever be an issue with your site or email in the off-hours.

Month-to-Month Plans. We earn your business each month. No long-term agreements!

Bankable Time. All of our time rolls over if it is not used each month. If you are consistently not using the time, we voluntarily reduce your plan. Never worry about paying for something you didn't receive!

Satisfaction Guaranteed. No hassle money-back guarantee on any monthly program.

Marketing Packages & Pricing

We offer search engine marketing and email marketing services for our clients.

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